Tantra lingam massage og sex

tantra lingam massage og sex

Through Tantric massage for women and Yoni massage you can: Enhance your sex life to new levels of nourishment, richness and connection. – Resolve sexual difficulties, problems and blocks in sex, as an alternative sex therapy. – Nourish, regenerate, rejuvenate and energise your wellbeing. – Learn the principles of. The purpose of tantric massage, of tantric yoga, and of tantric sex, is to cojoin the male and female in a divine union of hightened sexual energy bliss. The more spiritual practioners transmute this hightened sexual energy and have it fill their entire body so that it vibrates with the warmth of the secret psychic. A lingam massage can be deeply emotional and healing. It creates a space of sexual being rather than sexual doing.” Lingam is an ancient tantric term used. tantra lingam massage og sex


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